performing footsteps in Last Retreat (2018)

performing footsteps in Last Retreat (2018)

Foley Artsthe reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added to film, video, and other media in post-production to enhance audio quality.

I've had a long interest and growing passion for foley arts since I was a kid in elementary school.

I was, and still am, a fan of The 3 Stooges. Watching that show as a child always provided me with constant laughter; the silliness and the sounds. I never questioned why when Moe would hit Curly in the head it sounded like a "boink", it was just hilarious!

One day, at around 10 years old or so, I saw a show on TV that seemed interesting. It was a man standing at a table that had a bunch of random objects on it. He was holding walnut shells and a nutcracker. He was demonstrating how he created the sound of Moe twisting Larry's nose by cracking the walnut shells.


Wait, you mean someone had to watch these episodes and create these sounds?  And they had the liberty to be creative with how they approached these sounds?

Tell me more!

From that day forward I followed a sparked interest and continued to learn more about the art of foley. This interest has grown into a deep passion.

I remember my dad, who was always entertaining the youngsters of the family, putting out his hand for a handshake. Then, when you would grab his hand, you'd hear a large cracking sound and he would fall down in agony. Well, nothing cracked in his body but that plastic cup hidden between his arm and body sure made it sound convincing!

Upon graduating high school I went to an open house at a small post-secondary institute here in Ontario, Canada because part of their course offered a foley arts class! But alas, I chose my other love of drumming and to pursue my music career. This choice did not diminish my love for foley, in fact, I've always had a love for "sound to visual" and in my music career, I have opportunities to play drums in theatre productions and accompany dancers and movement artists. I treat it as an approach to foley. The sounds I create may not be proper footsteps sounds per se but I follow their movements and create sounds on the drum set to mimic, and sometimes direct the flow.

At about 31 years old, a friend of mine in Canada's film and TV business introduced me to one of Canada's premier foley artists, Steve Hammond. Him and his engineer, Erik Culp were kind to let me come to their sessions at Technicolor to watch and hang. I was reliving my 10 year old self, watching as they cracked the proverbial walnuts! Well, not that really. But even watching them do footsteps and movements gave me the same excited feeling I had back as a wee lad. 

These days I’m pursuing foley with more intent. Learning the craft from some of the world’s leading foley artists here in Toronto and letting people know I’m available to do foley for their films. I’ve had the fortune of working on 3 independent films thus far (as of July 2019) and will continue to keep on footstepping and cracking walnuts!

IMDb for credits thus far.